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Compare ingredients in our pet products at Nexderma with those created by other pet shampoo manufacturers in USA and you'll see why responsible pet owners look to us for quality products that speed healing and lead to more healthier pet lives.

Our plant-based pet shampoos contain human grade ingredients and are of the highest quality.

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The pet product industry is among the fastest-growing in the United States. There are numerous manufacturers offering food and non-food supplies as well as non-medical pet products. As such, pet owners have plenty of options in the market. However, not all brands provide pet-friendly products. Many are after profits, and so offer cheap, toxic, chemical-filled products.

At Nexderma, we’re one of the leading pet shampoo manufacturers in USA, supplying horse, dog, and cat owners with healthy hygiene products free of harmful chemicals. We aim to offer our clients alternative products that support their animal’s health without posing any health risk.

Our Pet Shampoo Manufacturing vs. Other Manufacturers, and What Makes Our Pet Shampoo

Manufacturers Better
A majority of mainstream pet shampoo manufacturers and suppliers in the USA deal with synthetic products. As a result, many pet owners have been using such products without realizing the danger they pose to their animals.

While there are private label natural pet care products in the market, they’re not as widespread or known as their chemical-based counterparts that have been around for much longer.

That said, more pet owners are becoming aware of the dangers found in synthetic products and opting for all-natural products. At Nexderma, we are at the forefront of creating all-natural pet shampoo, sprays, and wipes.

Natural Shampoo That Actually Works
Our company differs greatly from others in the industry thanks to the nature of our products and the quality we uphold. We exclude toxic chemicals such as parabens and artificial colors from our formulations. Instead, we use health-enhancing ingredients like silver nanoparticles. Our choice of premier ingredients that actually work distinguishes us from other companies offering natural options that may not be effective.

As a company involved in pet health manufacturing, all our products are veterinary tested and approved. What’s more, they’re made in FDA and EPA registered facilities, which means that the strictest standards of hygiene and best manufacturing practices are upheld. These measures ensure our shampoo is safe for use on pets without presenting a health hazard.

Versatile Products
Most pet shampoos in the market come with limited use. You might not be able to use them if your pet has a skin condition, is under medication, or has sensitive skin. Others worsen your animal’s condition due to the presence of harsh chemicals.

At Nexderma, we produce shampoos that are safe to use on your pet at all times. Instead of irritating infections or wounds on the skin, our shampoo accelerates healing. It also works well alongside veterinarian treatments.

Additionally, we provide free shipping for domestic offers above $49. Our delivery service makes it easy for customers to easily access all-natural products which are hard to find in local stores. We also allow returns in case of dissatisfaction with our shampoo, something that many pet product suppliers don’t offer.

Shampoo That’s Right for Your Pet
At Nexderma, we’re considered as one of the best American pet shampoo manufacturers because we genuinely care about your pets and the effect our products have. We are pet shampoo manufacturers in USA you can rely on for the finest, safest, and most effective products. We heal animals naturally with the best in all-natural pet healthcare.

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