Pet Friendly Antibacterial Wipes

If you're shopping for pet friendly antibacterial wipes, you need something more suitable than baby wipes.

Silvet Colloidal Silver and antimicrobial wipes remove the dirt you can see and the germs you can't see.

Our pet-friendly Silvet Wipes are an excellent choice for pets who share your home with you.

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Nexderma produces pet-friendly antibacterial wipes at affordable prices. All our products are 100% natural and do not sting. Our skincare products and wipes keep your canine free from skin allergies, rashes, irritations, and other health problems.

What makes our all-natural pet wipes pet-friendly?
Our #1 best-seller, pets cleaning wipes for dander and dirty bottoms, is ideal for all cats and dogs over six weeks old. Our skincare products for dogs are 100% natural, gentle on your pet, highly effective, hypoallergenic, and free from artificial fragrances. It is also one of the few allergen-free skincare products for dogs available in the market with a no-sting formula.

The silvet wipes are pre-soaked, extra-thick, large, and contain colloidal nanoparticles of silver at a concentration of 30ppm. They act as a natural and smooth cleanser and moisturizer for your dog's skin and effectively kill a wide range of bacteria when used to wipe your dog's paws, bum, ears, undercoat, and eyes. They automatically moisturize your pet's coat and skin, leaving it smooth, supple, shiny, and soft all day long.

Our soft wipes contain no animal by-products, alcohol, or parabens and help remove dirt, dander, drool, eye goop, and odors from pets effectively. Our dog wipes are biodegradable and cruelty-free and do not dry out too quickly.

Can I use baby wipes to clean a dog?
It may be okay to use a baby wipe in case of a cleaning emergency, and you do not have a dog wipe at hand. While baby wipes do not contain harsh chemicals or abrasive elements, it is important to understand that the demands of a canine's skin are completely different from humans'. Some baby wipes contain chemicals, fragrances, parabens, etc., which can be hazardous to your dog, especially if he licks himself after you use a wet wipe on him.

You must use all-natural vet-recommended pet wipes for dogs and cats to protect them from allergic reactions and other skin irritations. We sell the best cleaning wipes for pets, which are 100% safe to wipe a dog's bottoms, ears, eyes, and paws.

Are dog wipes worth it?
While dog wipes are no substitute for a dog bath, they are highly convenient for quick cleanups. Pet wipes for dogs and cats work well to remove surface dirt and the debris floating on top of your canine's coat. They also help clean small areas in dogs, such as the dirt and mud between their paws.

Many pet parents use dog wipes to wipe their canine's dirty paws after every walk outside. It offers a handy and convenient cleaning solution and is quite versatile. Paw wipes for dogs and cats keep your dog's paws clean without getting them wet and can help you keep your floors clean from dirty paw tracks. Overall, dog wipes are certainly worth the price.

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