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What is it about Silvet antimicrobial wipes that makes them the best pet antiseptic wipes on the market? Silvet's all-natural, chemical-free formulation contains Colloidal Silver that speeds healing and prevents your pet from developing a skin condition that could compromise their health.

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Reliable cat cleaning wipes for dander and dirty bottoms are surprisingly difficult to come by. The market is saturated with subpar wipes, many of which fail to satisfactorily remove dirt. Some have even been known to cause skin irritation, acne, hair loss, and worse.

If you want to be certain you're getting the best cleaning wipes for cats, you should come to us at Nexderma. We are the leading provider of pet wipes for dogs and cats in the United States. This is a title we take great pride in and strive to hold onto through the high quality of our products. But what exactly makes our pet wipes so special? Read on to find out!

Here is your comprehensive review of our pet antiseptic wipes.

It may seem rather redundant to point out that our pet wipes for dogs and cat are antiseptic. However, many people are unsure exactly what the word "antiseptic" entails. In fact, it seems like some manufacturers of "antiseptic" wipes are unsure also, as their products prove to be anything but. Our pet antiseptic wipes kill off bacteria and germs almost instantly. This serves to strengthen your cat's immune system while also protecting them against some of the most common infections and diseases.

Deep Cleaning Capabilities
Some paw wipes for dogs and cats only clean the surface of the paws. This means your cat is still roaming through your house with microscopic germs covering their paws and fur. The pet wipes you'll find in our online store, however, boast deep cleaning capabilities. This ensures they rid your cat's paws of visible and invisible dirt alike. They can also be used to groom your cat's coat and promise a powerful clean that will reach even the roots of their hairs.

Moisturizing Agents
Dehydration can seriously impact a cat’s health. The effects of dehydration typically begin to show themselves through the cat’s coat, which may appear dark and dull. Most pet wipes currently available offer little help when it comes to battling dehydration. In fact, some have been proven to contribute to it. Our antiseptic wipes, however, are an effective means of treating dehydration in all pets. Rich in moisturizing agents, our wipes will both hydrate the coat and moisturize the skin beneath.

Convenient Sizes
Our pet antiseptic wipes are conveniently sized for handheld use. This will allow you to easily clean the parts of your cat’s body that he or she may not be able to reach. Additionally, the small size of our wipes means they can be carried in your purse, backpack, or even your pocket. This means you can clean your pet right away and don’t have to wait to get them inside, by which point dirt may have hardened and become more difficult to remove.

Additional Uses
The Nexderma antiseptic wipes are not just designed for use on cats and other pets. They are also effective in sanitizing surfaces and hands. In the time of Covid-19, they are particularly useful and can markedly decrease your chances of contracting the virus.

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