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Shop on Nexderma for paws antimicrobial wipes formulated with Colloidal Silver and antimicrobial ingredients that are safe and effective for keeping your pets paws clean and free from bacteria and microbes that can cause illness and skin conditions.

Vets recommend using our wipes for skin folds and other hard-to clean areas.

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What are PAWS Antimicrobial Wipes?
Your pet uses his paws to walk on all types of surfaces. In many instances, your pet may suffer minor cuts or scrapes. The best way to treat your pet is with regular use of antimicrobial wipes. Just like humans use wipes to disinfect and clean their hands and other surfaces, PAWS antimicrobial wipes are made to clean your pet’s paws. You can safely use our wipes on dogs, cats, and other pets.

What PAWS Antimicrobial Wipes Safe for Dogs?
At Nexderma, we are proud to offer safe and natural products for animals. Our PAWS antimicrobial wipes don’t include harsh chemicals such as hypocholrous acid, antibiotics, or steroids. We have a proprietary mix that heals animals naturally. Our ingredients are human-grade, so they are always harmless to pets and people. Our formula is FDC and CDC compliant. They are safe for pets and people.

What are the Benefits of Antimicrobial Wipes?
PAWS antimicrobial wipes offer several significant benefits. They provide a safe and effective way to keep your pet’s paws clean. Your pet comes into contact with many germs and bacteria while they are outside. When you use wipes you will clean the pet’s paws and keep them from tracking germs and dirt into the home. Wipes remove debris and harmful substances that your pet came into contact with when he was outside. Using wipes can keep your pet and your entire family healthy.

What Ingredients Are in Wipes?
Our wipes include a number of natural ingredients to provide disinfectant and antiseptic properties. The active ingredient is 80% ethyl alcohol that fights all types of bacteria and germs including COVID-19. In addition, we add moisturizing agents with glycerin that helps the skin retain moisture. Cocamidopropyl betaine is a natural source of coconut oil that gives added protection to the skin. Our Silvet wipes include 10 ppm colloidal nanoparticles of silver. We formulate our wipes to provide broad-spectrum defense against a wide range of bacteria.

How Do I Use Wipes?
You can utilize our wipes for almost any application. On pets, you can wipe the paws with wipes after they walk outside. The wipes will clean off any dirt and germs and make your pet’s paws safe for walking inside your home. You won’t need to worry that your pet could bring unwanted bacteria or viruses into your house. Wipes are disposable, and you can throw them away after use. You can use our Silvet wipes on all areas of the pet’s body including genital areas and facial folds.

Where Can I Get Antibacterial Pet Wipes?
At Nexderma, we sell our high-quality pet wipes online. We offer our wipes in dispensers so you can keep them fresh and ready for use. Our Silvet Wipes are ideal for use on paws as well as on other hard-to-reach areas such as the tail or neck. We sell our Silvet wipes in containers that contain 84 cleaning cloths that measure 20 cm by 30 cm each. We heal animals naturally with the best in all-natural pet healthcare.

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