Antifungal Shampoo For Horses

Check with Nexderma when looking for an anti-fungal shampoo for horses that speeds healing and leads to healthy skin and coat.

Our best-selling horse shampoo contains 30PPM Colloidal Nanoparticles of Silver and is plant-based with absolutely no chemicals, steroids, or antibiotics. You'll love what's in our pet products!

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Washing and brushing your horse’s coat keeps it vibrant and removes dirt and infection-causing microorganisms. There are many horse shampoo brands in the market, but they’re not all equal. While some can keep your horse clean and healthy, others pose harm in several ways. All-natural and medicated shampoo for horses come highly recommended. They’re made with ingredients that support a healthy coat, fight infections, and cause zero irritation.

At Nexderma, we manufacture top-of-the-line antifungal shampoo for horses. Our shampoo is a blend of harmless ingredients manufactured under strict quality control measures.

Our Antifungal Shampoo for Horses

At Nexderma, we create animal shampoos for horses, dogs, and cats. Our Silvet ® antifungal and antimicrobial shampoo for horses is also suitable for kittens and puppies. As a brand, we aim to provide pet products that work effectively without endangering your animals in any way.

Silvet ® Herbal and Antimicrobial Shampoo
Our antifungal and antibacterial horse shampoo is available in two versions, one containing mint essence and the other a herbal essence. Each version is available in 4oz and 16oz sizes. Our shampoo is all-natural, with the active ingredient being colloidal nanoparticles of silver.

Other ingredients include deionized water, sodium lauryl sulfate, coconut oil, citric acid, and vitamin E. We exclude parabens, chemical dyes, antibiotics, and steroids commonly found in shampoos. Parabens are potentially carcinogenic and can harm your horse in the long-term, while chemical dyes are too harsh on the coat. Many chemical ingredients also present the risk of allergies and itchiness.

The silver in our shampoo gives it antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, crucial for preventing and fighting fungi, bacteria, and viruses on the horse’s coat. Silver also promotes wound healing.

We have the best antifungal shampoo for horses that contains a low concentration of silver that’s effective without causing skin discoloration. The formula is safe to use on horses with sensitive skin, wounds, dermatitis, hot spots, and skin folds.

You can safely use our Silvet® antifungal, antimicrobial shampoo on your horse alongside other medications or treatments without risking interference. This is thanks to the natural formula that excludes all chemicals that usually react with medication and undermine its efficiency.

Silvet® shampoo is safe to use around the eyes and mouth without causing any stinging, unlike other brands containing toxic chemicals that affect the sensitive areas on your horse. Our shampoo is animal cruelty-free, with no animals exploited during the manufacturing process.

Directions for Use
For the best results when using our shampoo, brush your horse thoroughly before wetting the coat. Next, apply handfuls of Silvet® antifungal shampoo on the coat and lather the entire body. Leave the shampoo for 5 minutes before rinsing your horse thoroughly.

The Perfect Shampoo for Your Horse
When you purchase our Silvet ® antifungal shampoo for horses, you’ll keep your animal-free of dirt and harmful pathogens. Our product offers the benefits of a medicated horse shampoo for animals with skin conditions and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. At Nexderma, we heal animals naturally with the best in all-natural pet healthcare.

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