Paige, Orlando Florida

I have 4 horses and 3 dogs. I have used Nexderma silvet spray & stem gel on all four of my horses for everything including bug bites, rain rot, cuts, rubs and summer sores. The stuff is great and it seems to keep flies off of the areas to help stay clean and heal.
One of my horses is from Germany and has had a hard time adapting to the Florida weather. The silvet spray seems to help his chronic skin conditions stay under control.
Moose got a cut on his cheek while working with his trainer in Ocala and I used the Stem Gel on it for about a week. The wound healed so nicely that his fur even grew back in the spot in his same coloring. Generally, when a horse has a wound or cut of that nature if the fur grows back it usually grows back white in color.

Thank you Nexderma!

Orlando, Florida

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