Mr. & Mrs. Wells

"After 3-4 days a slight difference was noticed in the wound area that appeared open. The seeping had discontinued, and after 7 days the open wound was fully closed. At day 7 the wound did not show any evidence of openness or seeping. Both products were continued until product was empty (about 10 days). Her scar is very smooth and looks as good as we could have hoped!"

Notable fact….when Mr. Wells went to apply the treatment, Shelby willingly laid down and let him apply. She did not fight the application process almost as if it was providing immediate relief to her wound. She did not lick or tamper with the application which is really unheard of for her. He believes it had some healing properties that also took her “healing itch” away. We were able to remove the cone of shame about 2 days after starting the treatment.

Mr. & Mrs. Wells
Gladstone MO
July 31, 2018

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