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Consider buying your pet care products from wholesale pet supplies manufacturers with a proven effective line of products.

Nexderma is pleased to carry Silvet's wound care sprays, germ shampoos, and antimicrobial wipes, all formulated using stem gel from plants and Colloidal Silver to speed healing.

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Partner with Nexderma when searching the Web for wholesale pet supplies manufacturers who care about the products they sell to veterinary clinics. As reputable wholesale pet supplies manufacturers, we've formulated a line of pet skincare supplies that is safe to use on pets' skin and effective in treating all types of open skin wounds and skin conditions. Our Silvet line of products are made with Colloidal Silver, proven to speed healing and common skin conditions from returning when used on a daily basis. Browse our website to see the entire Silvet line.

5 Reasons to Choose Us For Wholesale Pet Supplies

1. At Nexderma, we believe in the healing power of nature- not in synthetic products created in a lab. If you take pride in offering holistic pet care, you'll want to take a look at our ingredient labels. You won't find harsh chemicals, antibiotics, or steroids in any of our products, nor will you find ingredients that are impossible to pronounce or identify. Our all-natural pet supplies that are veterinarian formulated for dog health are unlike anything else on the market.

2. We also believe affordable products make it possible for all vet clinics to use our shampoos, sprays, and wipes; for this reason, we strive to remain competitive in the market. Vets typically pay a lot more for low-quality products from other wholesale pet supplies manufacturers than they would pay for our high-end items. Compare our products and prices with what your clinic is currently using and you'll see why switching to Silvet is a sensible choice.

3. We provide a product for your clinic that is ideal for your staff and your clients to use. Keep Silvet on your clinic's shelves and let pet owners know they can trust the items you carry and use in your practice. Other pet supplies and meds online for dogs and cats are formulated to increase profits; we care more about pet health than selling watered-down, chemical-laden shampoos and sprays for pets.

4. From time to time, you may receive calls from farmers who are looking for a product they can use on their horses for a healthy coat or to address wounds. You can let callers know that you partner with wholesale pet supplies manufacturers who make a healing shampoo and spray that will keep their horses' skin and coats healthy when used on a regular basis. Silvet spray is best for open sores and existing skin conditions while our shampoo will clear up issues and prevent skin conditions from returning.

5. You've dedicated your life to taking care of animals- let Nexderma help you fulfill your promises to clients. Instead of ordering inferior veterinary supplies and pet supplies online, you can order directly from us, save money on your orders, and give clients a better option with our products.Silvet heals animals naturally; shop our products online today and see why more clinics trust us for safe and effective pet skincare products for their own practice and for resale.

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