Wholesale pet skincare for a veterinary clinic

Nexderma is your one-stop shop for wholesale pet skincare for a veterinary clinic.

We carry Silvet, the best Colloidal Silver wipes, wound sprays, and shampoos for healthy, happy pets.

Keep our Silvet products at hand for treating dogs and cats and recommend them to pet owners for safe at-home pet care.

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Nexderma makes a line of wholesale pet skincare for a veterinary clinic that replaces every other product line on your shelf. Silvet products are made with Colloidal Silver and our proprietary formulation of natural ingredients that speed healing and work alongside vet-recommended treatments and medications. Best of all, you can give pet owners an option to purchase Silvet pet care products through your clinic and give them peace of mind that they're doing what's best for their pets when dealing with wounds, sores, and skin problems.

The Silvet Pet Product Line
At Nexderma, we believe in the healing power of nature; that's why you won't find chemicals and harsh ingredients on our labels. Our pet supplies that are veterinarian formulated for dog health include: - Silvet Antifungal Antimicrobial Shampoo, effective enough to be used as a healing shampoo and gentle enough for everyday use on your pet. Use at the first indication of skin rashes, coat issues, open wounds, ear tip injuries, sores, or ear mites. Repeat daily to speed healing and keep pets from developing skin conditions in the future.

Silvet Non-Stinging Spray, an ideal product to use on pets with ulcerous wounds or sores; our no-sting formula will not scare your pet in the way that some OTC products can that hurt on contact. - Silvet Pet Wipes, a very convenient product to have on hand with pets in the home. Use antimicrobial pet wipes for all hard-to-reach areas on your pet, such as interdigital areas, skin folds, neck area, facial folds, and anal area, places where soap and shampoos aren't always able to clean.

High-End Animal Clinic Supplies
Are you paying too much for pet supplies and meds online for dogs and cats? There's a simple solution to overpriced products; compare Silvet pet shampoos, sprays, and wipes with what you're currently using- put our entire line of products to the test and see how they measure up in terms of overall value. Our all-natural products are superior in quality and more affordable than most wholesale pet skincare for a veterinary clinic, and they just plan work better.

Affordable Veterinary Bulk Supplies for Horses
Try Silvet antifungal antimicrobial shampoo on horses to see unsurpassed results in coat shine and skin health. Recommend our products to your clients when you notice their horses are suffering from common skin problems, like rashes or ulcerous wounds. Silvet Colloidal Silver Shampoo is not just an excellent treatment for existing skin conditions; it's also ideal as a preventive care product, safe for every day shampooing.

Vet-Approved Veterinary Supplies and Pet Supplies Online
There's a reason why more and more vets are stocking their clinic's shelves with Silvet products from Nexderma; Silvet doesn't replace vet-recommended treatments or medications, rather, it works with them, speeding up the healing process. Nexderma's pet supplies heal animals naturally with the best all-natural ingredients. Shop our line of Silvet products today online and see for yourself what our pet care items can do for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and other domestic animals in your care.

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