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Nexderma is one of the most reputable veterinary supply distributors on the Web.

If you're searching for products to use in your clinic and recommend to pet owners, we invite you to take a closer look at our Silvet line of Colloidal Silver & anti-microbial wipes, shampoos, and wound sprays. Try Silvet and see the difference it makes.

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It's not easy knowing which veterinary supply distributors are right for your pet clinic or animal hospital. Nexderma has formulated a unique line of pet care supplies made with nano technology that gets to the heart of wounds and skin problems and speeds healing. Best of all, Nexderma's Silvet products can be used with vet treatments and prescribed medications without interference; in fact, our products support vet-recommended treatment and lead to a higher quality of care for pets of all kinds.

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Veterinary Supply Distributors

1. Look for a distributor that takes pride in the products they supply to vets. Some Veterinary distributors want to grow their list of supplies to include any and every new product line that comes along. Nexderma is the only line of pet care your clinic will ever need; our line of products includes:

  • Pet Wipes
  • Pet Shampoos
  • Pet Sprays
  • Product Packages

Silvet products are antimicrobial and antifungal, greatly reducing the risk of infection during wound care.

2. Choose veterinary suppliers in the Philippines where some of the best products are being formulated. All Nexderma products are manufactured and assembled in the US, vet-tested, and meet the highest level of clearance for use on domestic pets and farm animals.

3. What's in your clinic's products? Choosing Nexderma's Silvet line means you'll know exactly what you are recommending to your clients. Silvet sprays, wipes, and shampoos contain no chemicals, no antibiotics, and no steroids; in fact, they are guaranteed 100% natural. American and Philippines veterinary medicine buyers want a better quality product to use for pet wound care and preventive care- Silvet is what your clients have been looking for.

4. Work with a reputable company that has a well-established name in the industry. There are many veterinary supply companies that simply want your business; that's not the case with Nexderma. We are more concerned with making sure vets are equipped to meet the needs of pet owners in their community with a line of products that can treat all types of pet wounds and injuries, safely and naturally.

5. Compare Silvet Colloidal Silver shampoos, sprays, and pet wipes with other products being sold today and you'll see why so many vets across the US are stocking their shelves with Silvet products and phasing out other brands. Pet owners today want a natural way to treat their pets at home- Silvet makes it easy for them to do so.

Nexderma heals pets naturally, with no chemicals or steroids. We invite you to explore our website, read customer testimonials, investigate our case studies, and decide for yourself whether we carry the best pet product line available today. We're confident you will come to the same conclusion as many other veterinarians; Silvet products really work. Click the 'Veterinarians' link on our site to find out how you can gain access to all of our products at a special price designed exclusively for pet clinics and animal hospitals.

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