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As a leader in the veterinary products distributors sector, Nexderma has earned a reputation for supplying clinics with a line of products proven effective in wound healing and skin condition prevention.

If your clinic is yet to try Silvet with its formulation of Colloidal Silver and Stem Gel base, we highly recommend their products.

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As reputable veterinary products distributors to animal clinics and hospitals across the US, Nexderma has established a name in the industry as a company that cares about pet health. If you're a vet looking for a safe, natural line of products you can use on pets in your practice and recommend to your clients, the Silvet line of pet care products is ideal. Nexderma's Silvet products are formulated without the use of chemical ingredients, steroids, or antibiotics, making them the sensible choice for all types of pet wound and preventive care.

Why Use Nexderma Products?
When the choice of products is between good, better, and best, it's easy to see why choosing the best will benefit your clinic and clients. Exceptional quality means exceptional health for pets. All Silvet products are made with nano Colloidal Silver, proven effective in treating a wide range of medical conditions. When used in a skin care product, the healing process is sped up, so Silvet is perfect to use in conjunction with vet-recommended treatments. As trusted veterinary suppliers in the Philippines, we've brought our technology to the US, manufacturing and distributing here, as well.

Why Natural is Better
For thousands of years, safe, natural treatments have been the standard of care for humans, so it's safe to assume that the same quality of care would be beneficial to pets and domesticated farm animals. While many veterinary distributors make their money by pushing product lines that are filled with chemical ingredients that make them and their partners money, we don't believe that's the best way to do business with veterinarians. We offer a superior product with a short ingredient label and proven technology- products that work to safeguard pets from infection and lead to healing.

Ancient Medicine Knowledge Applied to Pet Care
Our Philippine Veterinary Medicine Buyers put us in touch with high-quality ingredients for our pet care supplies at prices that allow us to offer Silvet at an affordable cost to pet clinics and hospitals. You'll find our natural pet care products are available at an incredibly reasonable price, far cheaper than many supplies sold today that contain low-quality ingredients. Experience the difference first hand when you use Nexderma's Silvet line of products that heal animals naturally; you will find that they are a safe and effective alternative to traditional synthetic medications.

Reputable Veterinary Products Distributors
Are you 100% satisfied with veterinary supply companies you've worked with in the past or currently buy from? If not, we invite you to get in touch with us by calling 877-215-8201 or through our Web form. Whether you have questions about Silvet products or need assistance with your first order, we are here to help. Shop our pet product online with confidence that our quality is unsurpassed by other items sold on today's market. Above all, read our ingredient labels and you'll see that we are committed to manufacturing an all-natural line of pet care supplies like nothing you've tried before.

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