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Try Nexderma's pet silver wound spray the next time your pet has a skin condition that needs treating.

Silvet Colloidal Silver wound spray is proven effective in treating open wounds, burns, sores, abscesses, and hot spots, speeding the healing process and providing relief for your pet. Silvet is 100% natural.

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Chelated silver is a natural antibiotic that has been proven to destroy bacteria almost instantly. This makes it a valuable tool when it comes to treating wounds in cats, dogs, and other animals. Despite this, very few wound spray products for pets feature chelated silver as an ingredient. Instead, they use potentially harmful chemicals which may help to heal wounds, but can also have disastrous effects on the environment. These chemicals may also have long-term health effects.

At Nexderma, we recognize the healing properties of chelated silver. That's why we have utilized it to create Silvet, our natural pet silver spray. This spray serves to kill bacteria, sterilize wounds, and even expedite the healing process. But how does it achieve these impressive feats? Does our pet silver wound spray include ingredients aside from chelated silver? We're going to be answering these questions and more in this article.

Here is everything you need to know about Silvet from Nexderma.

How Does It Work?
When Silvet is applied to a wound, it directs positively charged silver ions towards the wound's surface. These ions are regularly released to decrease matrix metalloproteinase activity. This, in turn, decreases bacteria and allows the body to heal without the pressure of simultaneously expelling toxins.

Additionally, this decrease in bacteria on the surface of the wound helps prevent the development of bacteria on deeper levels. This makes for a faster healing time that just can’t be rivaled by pet sprays that don’t contain chelated silver.

How Do I Use It?
Our pet silver wound spray is easy to use. It comes in a bottle that is specifically engineered to produce 30 ppm in a single spray, without need for shaking beforehand. This allows for speedy application, without measuring or guesswork.

What Are The Ingredients?
Unlike many other manufacturers of pet silver wound spray, we don't load our products with unnecessary, potentially hazardous ingredients. In fact, our spray is made up of just two ingredients. They are the chelated silver from which the spray takes its name, and ultra pure water. The former serves to expedite the healing process, while the latter cleanses the wound and eliminates the risk of infection.

Will It Hurt My Pet?
Some pet silver wound sprays heal wounds, but cause pets great discomfort during the application process. This is not the case with Silvet. As a painless antimicrobial dog and cat wound spray, our product will not sting when it is applied to a wound. This ensures your four-legged friend won't experience any anxiety to compound the stress of their injury.

Is It Only For Cats And Dogs?
Silvet is the most popular silver spray for cats and dogs, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used on other animals. Our products are extremely versatile and are approved for use on a plethora of species, including rabbits, horses, and other domesticated animals.

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