Frequently Asked Questions

Is this veterinarian tested?

Yes. Dr. Mara DiGrazia Member of the Alumni Association Executive Board for Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Graduated from Cornell University in 1996.

She completed a small animal medicine and surgical internship at Oradell Animal Hospital in 1997. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, New York State Veterinary Medical Association, and Long Island Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. DiGrazia has special interests in veterinary ultrasound and small animal ophthalmology. She was recently credited for supplying all Nassau County Fire Departments with animal oxygen masks through HELP Animals, Inc. (See the Case Studies section for more details.)o to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Have these products been used for human indications?

Yes. Nexderma is a subsidiary company of Genadyne Biotechnologies who has been selling wound care products in the human market for 18 years.

How are Nexderma products manufactured?

Headquartered in New York, Nexderma sells its skin care products worldwide. All Nexderma products are manufactured and assembled in the U.S., which allows for meticulous product monitoring and the highest quality assurance in manufacturing.

How does Stem Gel work?

Stem Gel is a hemicellulose wound healing acceleration gel, derived from a unique plant extract. The product provides a variety of nutrients, enzymes and vitamins to the wound bed, the combination of which has shown to aid in wound healing. The Nanogen Fibers within the bacteriostatic gel accelerates the wound healing process.

What kind of skin conditions can I use Stem gel on?

Used for Chronic wounds, chronic infections, general wounds, areas of dehiscence & dermatological conditions.

Is it safe to use around the eyes?

Yes. Stem Gel is all natural made from green tea extract plant stem cells. It does not cause stinging or discoloration to the skin.

Is it safe if animals lick it?

Yes, but most effective when allowing 2-3 minutes for drying & absorption to occur. No studies have shown any adverse effects.

Does the product have an odor or taste?

Stem Gel has a slight natural plant scent.

Will using Stem Gel cause the skin to discolor?

All natural. No stinging, may see a green tint within the wound which is the green tea. This is removed once the wound is cleansed.

How frequently can Stem Gel be used?

Suggested twice a day -as often as the dressing is changed.

Do I have to place a bandage over the gel?

No. Daily application can be performed with or without a bandage. The gel should be absorbed within the wound and allowed to be absorbed for 2-3 minutes before the animal is able to reach the site.

Are there any contraindications?

Stem Gel should not be used if the patient is allergic to green tea.

Do I need to use the Silvet Spray with the Stem Gel?

No however accelerated healing has been experienced when both are used in conjunction. The Stem Gel is by nature bacteriostatic. The Silvet Spray can be used as a cleanser and added antimicrobial treatment of the wound prior to the Stem Gel application.

Why is Silvet different from other silver products currently on the market?

Silvet is a unique silver spray made from colloidal Nanoparticles of silver suspended in ultra pure water. Silver supports healthy skin and coats. Silvet Spray is seen to help against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and yeast.

What kind of skin conditions can I use colloidal silver on?

It has been used on any condition that requires antimicrobial therapy such as chronic wounds, abrasions, burns, ulcers, bite wounds, skin conditions, lacerations or surgical incisions in which you want to prevent infection. Also works as a cleanser. Great for ulcerated wounds, spraying directly into the cavity before suturing in surgery.

Is Silvet truly an antimicrobial?

It is considered an all natural antibiotic alternative to use against bacteria and fungi. Colloidal nano-particles of silver have been isolated and impregnated into a suspension. This will donate 30 parts per million into the wound bed, this is an accepted level of donation. The Nano-silver particles have the capacity to destroy the bacteria outer cell membrane as well as the inner components. This action makes the treatment Bactericidal (Cell death occurs). Recent research has shown no toxic effect due to the action of the silver presentation. It has been shown to reduce bacteria, viruses and fungal growths in acute and chronic wounds.

Is it safe to use around the eyes?

Yes, the colloidal silver is in a base of ultra pure water.

Is it safe if animals lick it?

Yes, but most effective when allowing 2-3 minutes for drying & absorption to occur. No studies have shown any adverse effects.

Does the product have an odor or taste?

The product is clear, odorless with no taste.

Will using colloidal silver cause the skin to discolor?

No, due to the low concentration and nano particle size, the product does not cause argyria. Clear in color will not stain clothing or fabric on furniture.

How fast does the product start working?

It begins working in as little as 5 minutes, effective in 30 minutes, decreasing bacterial loads where applied.

Silvet has been shown to heal wounds 30% faster than competitive products. See Case Studies performed by Dr. Mara DiGrazia.

How frequently can Silvet be used?

Suggested twice a day -as often as the dressing is changed.

Are there any contraindications?

Silvet should not be used on the CNS, meninges or in the middle or inner ear. Use on hyaline cartilage and in aseptic joint operations is contraindicated. If however Silvet does come into contact with aseptic cartilage, it should immediately be irrigated with Ringer solution without lactate or physiological