Dog ear wound care

The best dog ear wound care is available from Nexderma as an antimicrobial wipe that is safe and gentle on your dog's ears and effective for daily cleansing and wound treatment.

If you've noticed open sores in or outside of your dog's ears that never seem to heal, our best-selling Colloidal Silver wipes can speed healing.

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Dog ear wound care is important throughout the life of your dog; quality treatment is needed from time to time to deal with occasional injuries and wounds that can quickly turn from small issues into bigger problems for both you and your pet.

If you notice ear mites inside of your dog's ear or witness ear tip injuries, Nexderma's 100% natural animal care products are ideal for treatment. Our proprietary line of pet care products called Silvet provide every pet owner with a first line of defense against infection.

Q: What is the best way to deal with ear mites in a dog?
A: Antibacterial pet wipes are a simple solution to the problem of ear mites, and they're easy to use, as well. Silvet wipes are formulated with a safe and gentle blend of Ethyl Alcohol, coconut-derived Benzalkonium Chloride, and Colloidal Nano Silver, the perfect topical solution for gently cleaning our your dog's ears.

Q: What else can I use Silvet wipes for?
A: Silvet antibacterial pet wipes are great for all types of minor surface scrapes and scratches, such as ear injuries in dogs which are typically close to the skin's surface. Our wipes significantly reduce the likelihood that your dog's injury will become infected or require care from a vet.​

Q: What else can I use for dog ear wound care from the Silvet line?
A: Silvet Colloidal Silver Spray won't sting your dog's ears when applied, and since it doesn't require you to physically come in contact with ear wounds, a spray can be less traumatic for your pet. Use Silvet Spray for a cleanser or for ulcerated wounds to speed healing.

Q: How do I use Silvet Spray?
A: There's no need to shake the bottle; each application will administer an accurate measure of 30 ppm of Silvet antibacterial spray. Spray on minor irritations, fungus, sores, open wounds, burns, rain rot, thrush, and on any area of your dog's coat or skin where there is an indication of injury or pest irritation, such as from fleas, ticks, or mites.

Q: What is the best treatment for ear tip injuries for dogs?
A: Ear tip injuries can become a problem some over time; we recommend using Silvet Herbal Antifungal Antimicrobial Shampoo in between treatments with our spray to prevent infection and to close the wounds quickly. Use in-hand with your vet-prescribed medication or treatment with no worry about interaction issues.

Q: Is Silvet safe to use for ear disorder wound care for dogs?
A: In a word, yes. Silvet is vet-tested and vet-approved, used in animal clinics and hospitals across the country. You'll find more information about our products as you browse our website's FAQs, Case Studies, Testimonials, and informative articles.

Use Silvet products as a natural healing and wound care product for household pets and farm animals. Explore all of the resources on our website and shop our line of products for the safest way to provide quality wound care to pets of all kinds.

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