Best wipes for sphynx cats

Vets say the best wipes for Sphinx cats are formulated with antimicrobial ingredients and Colloidal Silver.

Nexderma is proud to carry Silvet Wipes for dogs and cats with short hair that are prone to skin conditions and infections.

Our popular Silvet Wipes are excellent for areas your cat finds difficult to reach.

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Sphynx cats are, perhaps, the most unique breed of domesticated cats in the world. They are famous for their coat - or lack thereof - which gives them a distinct appearance. Of course, the unique appearance of the Sphynx cat brings with it an array of unique challenges.

Sphynx cats require quite a bit more care than the typical domestic feline. Their exposed skin leaves them at risk of a number of issues, including dehydration, itching, and even acne. Additionally, dirt tends to cling to skin much more aggressively than it does to hair, meaning a Sphynx cat may wind up covered in mud and soil no matter how diligently they groom themselves. So how do you keep your Sphinxes clean? Easy. You purchase purpose-designed wipes for hairless cats.​

Nexderma is widely considered to have the best wipes for Sphynx cats on the market. But how did we get this reputation? What makes our Sphynx cat care products so special? Read on to find out! Here is everything you need to know about our wipes for Sphynx cats.

Hydrating And Moisturizing
Sphynx cats are at a high risk of dehydration, particularly if they live in warm climates. For this reason, owners of Sphynx cats are advised to make sure their four-legged friends have constant access to fresh water. You can further minimize the risk of dehydration by grooming your Sphynx cat with our wipes at least once a day. Our wipes serve as an additional source of hydration. On top of this, they are also an effective moisturizer and will prevent dry skin.

Our wipes for hairless cats boast antimicrobial capabilities. This means they stop bacteria dead in its tracks, tackling multiple health issues before they have time to develop. Our antimicrobial wipes can also be used to sterilize cuts and scratches, which are common in Sphynx cats as they don't have a thick coat to protect their skin.

Enhanced Cleaning
When a Sphynx cat grooms themselves, they are only able to clean the areas that they are capable of reaching. This means certain parts of their body may still be coated in dirt. With our wipes, you’ll be able to clean the areas that your Sphynx cat cannot clean themselves, such as the ears and face. You’ll also be able to achieve a deeper clean of their paws, tail, and wrinkles. These enhanced cleaning possibilities will ensure your cat remains clean and healthy no matter what they get up to outdoors.

An additional benefit of our wipes for Sphynx cats is that they are effective in battling Coronavirus. They can be used to tackle and, in some cases, completely destroy the virus on surfaces, hands, and even on the coat of your cat! This is not something that is offered by most competing manufacturers of pet wipes and is just another reminder of why Nexderma is so highly regarded in the pet care industry.

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